Fill-Air® 2000 Inflatable Packaging System


The fastest, all-electric inflatable void-fill packaging solution on the market

This versatile system creates variable cushion sizes with unmatched speed and ease of use. The Fill-Air® 2000 system creates inflatable packaging on demand at a speed of up to 200 cushions per minute, making the system ideal for companies with a high volume packaging operation.

· Variable cushion sizes - creates cushions in six different sizes, with the ability to change between 4" and 8" lengths at the touch of a button. Unique sizes, such as the 12" x 4" cushion, fill small voids more efficiently.
· Easy to use, easy to maintain - features a user-friendly control pad, allowing operators to quickly select ideal cushion size for their application. Landscape orientation of cushions adds convenience and optimizes material usage. Maintenance is quick and easy, with tool-less sealing components that snap into place.
· Ideal for on-line applications - All-electric system is easily placeable because no shop air is required. Auto-replenishment sensor keeps cushion supply steady, ensuring that material is readily available. Dispensing arm allows the operator to position the flow of material directly above the cartons to be packed.
· Increase Productivity, Reduce Systems - One Fill-Air® 2000 system can support multiple packaging stations or multiple packaging lines. Material can be collected in bins and distributed to packaging stations, or it can be conveyed through a Sealed Air engineered overhead delivery system. Likewise, multiple packaging lines can converge into a single, centralized line serviced by one Fill-Air® 2000 system.


• Electrical: 100-120 VAC~ Single Phase • 7 Amp 50/60 Hz • Weight (without roll): 199 lbs. 90 Kg. • Overall Size (W x D x H): 32” x 30” x 58” • .81m x .76m x 1.47m • Optional Bin: 36” x 21” x 29”

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