Filter and Bulk Media Tanks


With the need to fabricate large vessels locally, Rosedale introduces off-site Filter and Bulk Media Tank manufacturing capabilities. Vessels as large as 10 feet in diameter are available, with pressure ratings to 2500 PSI. Rosedale’s off-site manufacturing capabilities include plant management, engineering services, and complete production facilities. Rosedale has ASME, DNV and Bureau of VERITAS codes. A variety of non-destructive testing procedures are utilized, including magnet particle, liquid penetrant, radiography and ultrasonic. Several welding processes are available by Rosedale’s skilled process people. The Company’s expertise in engineering and design are showcased in its new brochure.

Rosedale Products, Inc. a 30-year, privately held corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-quality liquid filtration products and waste minimization equipment


* Diameter 10 Feet * Thickness 2.75 Inch * Weight 20 Ton
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