Fire-Lite Introduces IP Communicator for Fire Alarm Panels


Fire-Lite Alarms, the leading manufacturer of quality life safety systems, introduces IPDACT, an IP communicator for fire alarm panels. The IPDACT communicator transmits information generated by a fire alarm control panel to a central station via the Internet. The IPDACT can utilize any Ethernet network connection such as ADSL, cable modem, and T1. Compatible with a majority of new Fire-Lite control panels, the IPDACT communicator allows use of existing customer provided network connections to achieve faster central station connection times. The IPDACT communicator saves cost by not requiring a public IP address. Instead, it can be programmed to use either static IP or a DHCP client for automatic IP address configuration. While a standard telephone line from the fire alarm panel secondary dialer port is used as back up, the IPDACT communicator connects to the panel’s primary dialer port. For higher redundancy configurations, the system also supports dual destination central station receiver IP addresses.

Unlike a standard phone line, the IPDACT’s supervised line functionality maintains a connectivity signal every 90 seconds allowing a central station to quickly detect any off-line alarm panels. The system uses Contact ID format but prior to transmission, the data is further encrypted with AES 512 bit data encryption, the highest in the industry.

The IPDACT communicator reports to a compatible IP receiver that decrypts the data into standard contact ID and then sends the data to the central station software system. The new receiver uses a high performance embedded operating system for higher reliability and efficiency, is compatible with most all central station formats and supports up to 3,000 IPDACT accounts allowing seamless integration into the conventional central station architecture.
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