First-to-Market with New 80 and 100 KW EPA Tier 3 Generator Sets


New diesel generator sets from Cummins Power Generation, rated at 80, 100, 125 and 150 kW, are EPA Tier-3 compliant and ideal for supplying standby or prime power to commercial buildings, hotels and office complexes. The 80 kW DSFAE and 100 kW DSGAA generator sets are the first EPA Tier 3-certified units on the market at their respective power nodes, continuing Cummins Power Generation’s leadership in providing advanced emissions solutions. Model DSGAB is rated at 125 kW and model DSGAC is rated at 150 kW.

Models DSGAA (100 kW), DSGAB (125 kW) and DSGAC (150 kW) feature the Cummins six-cylinder QSB7 turbocharged charge air cooled (CAC) diesel engine. The QSB7 engine is a variant of on-highway engines used in the popular Dodge RAM pickup truck line. This very successful diesel engine has been modified with optimized air– and fuel-handling systems for high duty cycles and variable loads at constant speed that are required in a generator application.

Many of the new features on DSGAx series generator sets were derived from input from global design teams to make sure they met market requirements, standards and codes around the world. Out of this first-ever global design effort comes a new modular pedestal design that will ensure common component interfaces on a range of future Cummins Power Generation products. The pedestal design physically isolates controls and circuit breakers from the vibrating parts which increases the life of the components in prime power applications. The arrangement also provides easier service access, and positions the display for improved viewing if the generator set is enclosed. The skid base has side forklift pockets for easier positioning during installation.

Generator sets powered by the QSB7 engine include a mounted cooling system that enables the product to perform at high ambient air temperatures and saves installation costs for the customer due to simplified facility design requirements for rejected heat. Cummins Power Generation specifies ambient temperature rating measured at the cooling air inlet of the alternator, an important distinction from the way some manufacturers rate power for their products.

Model DSFAE (80 kW) features a Cummins QSB5 in-line four-cylinder turbocharged CAC Tier 3 diesel engine mounted on a compact platform. The design is well suited to low-cost indoor installations and requires less cooling air flow than some other designs.

“These new Tier 3-compliant generator sets fill a very important node range for standby and prime power systems,” says Vivek Malapati, Product Marketing Manager, Cummins Power Generation. “The 80, 100, 125 and 150 kW power ratings are suitable for supplying standby power to medium-size buildings. These EPA Tier 3-emissions certified generator sets are extremely reliable, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. And because all the major components are manufactured by Cummins Power Generation, end-users benefit from a vertically-integrated power solution engineered to work together for maximum reliability and ease of operation.”

The low-emissions design of the engines featured on the generator sets reduces oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter through in-cylinder combustion technology that uses new combustion chamber geometry and advanced electronic fuel injection. These design changes are coupled with full-authority electronic engine controls for tighter control of engine operating parameters. The overall benefits are reduced emissions without a reduction in power output, and the elimination of complex and expensive mechanical systems such as variable geometry turbochargers.

The standard PowerCommand® digital electronic control on the generator sets is an integrated system that combines engine and alternator controls for high reliability and optimum performance. The generator sets are UL2200 listed and certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). They can accept 100 percent of the nameplate standby rating in one step and comply with NFPA 110 Level 1. All components and subsystems are covered by an express limited one-year warranty. Other optional and extended factory warranties and local distributor maintenance agreements are available.

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