First Vision-Guided Industrial Mobile Robot


Seegrid Corporation (, the premier provider of vision-guided mobile robots for the material handling industry, today announced the introduction of its autonomous tugger, the GT3. The vehicle employs Seegrid’s Industrial Mobile Robotics (IMR) technology which enables it to move through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations utilizing stereo cameras to build a reliable 3D map of the environment. The GT3 then uses the map and its own reasoning ability to navigate a predetermined path to complete its assigned transport task.
“The GT3 is our first machine introduced to do facility-wide transport in the material handling industry,” said Scott Friedman, CEO of Seegrid. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the positive reception it has gotten from dealers and customers.”

The GT3 transports materials and finished goods without wire guides, magnets or lasers. It is designed to free up skilled employees by taking care of such tasks as pulling carts, delivering palletized materials and positioning supplies in tight areas. The vehicle is highly flexible and can be implemented quickly and easily with no workflow disruption. The GT3 frees up workers to focus on higher-valued tasks, increases productivity by constantly enforcing the work pace, fosters safety discipline and reduces labor, accidents and injury costs.  It has the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest Return on Investment (ROI) in the material handling industry.    

 “What excites Giant Eagle about Seegrid’s technology is that it is incredibly sophisticated machinery yet it is easy to use and very durable with high reliability,” said Larry Baldauf, Senior Vice President of Distribution and Logistics of Giant Eagle.  “We look forward to Seegrid’s future generations of products which we believe could change the future of material handling.”    

Donnie Dixon, Supervisor of Materials Control at Daimler Trucks, NA, confirms the GT3’s flexibility.  “We were looking at an AGV but didn’t want the wire guides, magnets and lasers that come with it – we needed flexibility to be able to change the routes easily and frequently, and the GT3 does that for us.  We use the GT3 to continually supply parts to our assembly stations. We love its versatility--we are able to simply change and perform multiple routes for our first and second shifts and do a completely different route for our third shift – just that flexibility alone provided us real value.”


Capacity • Max capacity 3000 lbs. • Learns and stores 15 miles of routes • Unlimited individual routes Speed Travel • 1.7 mph at full load • 0-full speed in 3 seconds at full load Electrical • 36v(3) 185 amp batteries w/ 415 reserve minutes • Battery discharge indicator w/ low battery signal
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