First Voice Self-Service Platform with Built-In Support for Video Customer Service


Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., an Alcatel-Lucent company (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU), today announced the first voice self-service platform with built-in support for video customer service, and key standards for enhanced network services that enable a wide range of new applications, from speech-enabled voicemail to IP-based services using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

With its extensive support for video play-and-record applications that that take full advantage of 3G mobile phones and other devices, service providers are now able to offer a host of new services, including rich media applications such as video voicemail, video conferencing, video-enabled music and game applications, and video call-recording. For example, with VoiceGenie 7.1, a cellular service provider can offer consumers the ability to record and send copies of video conference calls, or enable customer service representatives in a help-desk to push instructional videos to help simplify a technical installation. Other applications for video include telemedicine, video sharing and a range of other consumer entertainment applications.

Genesys provides its voice self-service platforms to enterprises and organizations to improve customer service, and to telecommunications service providers to create new services for consumers. Next-generation speech services are part of a larger trend toward dynamic customer interaction, which blends self-service and assisted-service across multiple touchpoints including the web and multimedia devices.

"Companies clearly want to improve customer satisfaction today. Many of them are doing so by embracing new technologies that support better customer service, such as speech services and multimedia, and creating a more dynamic environment to improve the overall customer experience," said Wes Hayden, president and CEO of Genesys.

The new Genesys platform enables development of next-generation applications in customer service organizations to rapidly respond to dynamic customer needs. Genesys VoiceGenie 7.1, along with its sister platform, GVP, enable a complete range of voice self-service applications. Genesys is driving the technology beyond the contact center and into broader customer service settings to provide a consistent customer experience at every touch point.

o Speech self-service is becoming the new front door to the enterprise,
creating a common voice brand and streamlining access to people and

o Software services enable enterprises to proactively contact customers
to inform them of critical events and solicit action.

o Speech platforms capture the voice of the customer in surveys that
ensure follow-up and satisfaction.

o Key self-service capabilities enable multimedia customer interactions,
seamlessly supporting escalation to agent and/or expert assistance.

o Finally, managed service providers are using Genesys technology to
create new applications that support enhanced mobile services such as
voice-based operator assistance, mapping and directions.

With VoiceGenie 7.1, Genesys has embraced the transformation underway in Information and Communications Technology. In addition to the video features of VoiceGenie 7.1, Genesys has added new features to embrace voice over IP, through the key standard of SIP, which enables deployment of voice self-service in both IP and hybrid networks through media gateways. VoiceGenie 7.1 also leverages the latest versions of three key standards -- VoiceXML 2.1, CCXML 1.0 and MRCP 1.0 -- that enable applications to be quickly modified, re- used and redeployed across virtually any device with lower maintenance costs.

Since its acquisition of VoiceGenie in early 2006 Genesys has continued to support and improve the platform. The introduction of VoiceGenie 7.1 provides further evidence of Genesys' commitment to the development of the VoiceGenie platform, which will be gradually integrated with Genesys GVP over the next two to three years. Genesys has pledged continued support for all VoiceGenie customers and will create a compatible upgrade path and both platforms already embrace all of the key industry standards, including VoiceXML 2.1, CCXML 1.0 and MRCP 1.0.
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