Fitness for Geeks


Long hours focusing on code or circuits tends to stifle notions of nutrition, but with this educational and highly useful book, you can approach fitness through science, whether it's investigating your ancestral health or using the latest self-tracking apps and gear. Tune into components of your health through discussions on food, exercise, sleep, hormesis, and other issues—as well as interviews with various scientists and athletes—and discover healthy ways to tinker with your lifestyle.


You will:

  • Learn to live in the modern digital world and still be physically vibrant.
  • Examine apps and widgets for self-tracking various fitness issues.
  • Zero in on carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.
  • Find and choose food, and learn when to eat and when to fast.
  • Reboot your system through movement in the outside world.
  • Select from more than a dozen techniques for your gym workout.
  • Fuel fitness by focusing on the science of nutrition and supplements.
  • Apply lifestyle hacks, such as high-intensity exercise and good stress.
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