Fixtures Address a Key New Provision in the 2008 National Electric Code


Accessmount™ LLC could have the first fixtures on the market that address a key new provision in the 2008 National Electric Code. This provision is addressed throughout their entire product line. This provision is also in the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, Canada, 2006 Edition. Beginning in 2008, all fixtures must be installed with a luminaire disconnect. According to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 277-volt lighting circuits are the most lethal to electricians. A luminaire disconnect allows the electrician to service the luminaire without exposure to dangerous voltage. This is helpful when, commonly, shutting off the circuit wouldn’t be feasible. Since its inception, Accessmount LLC has introduced products dedicated to electrician and maintenance worker safety. Its original product, a retrofittable fixture mounting system, allowed workers to completely remove the fixture, physically and electrically, from the Junction Box and electrical connection. This product has been enhancing worker and electrician safety since 2002, when it won the “Technical Innovation Award” at Lightfair. Accessmount’s products go well beyond electrical safety. All the company’s products can be serviced without using a ladder. This revolutionary concept enhances worker safety by eliminating ladder falls, and significantly reduces the time required for fixture maintenance. This time savings also increases the likelihood of correct, prompt maintenance, and correctly lit (and therefore safer) areas. Accessmount LLC also makes complete fixtures, including surface mounted types and recessed downlights. These fixtures incorporate the mounting system concept, and also meet the new NEC requirement.
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