Fixturing System 9000 Catalog


, Fixturing System 9000, Modular Zero-Point Fixturing for Pallets, Workpieces and Fixtures. The 4-color, 20-page catalog shows the complete product line with information about typical and custom products, service and maintenance, technical specifications, clampers, clamping bases, pallets and accessories. The Fixturing System 9000 is a modular “ZERO” point fixturing system designed for all machine tools. Manufactured to compete in the global marketplace, it uses a universal cost-effective design. Machines can be equipped with single or multiple zero-point clampers. Workpieces or pallet-mounted fixtures can be changed quickly to maximize productivity. When compared to traditional systems, this new system cuts starting time from about 20-25 minutes to 2 minutes. The steps necessary to implement each system are outlined, showing how the Hirschmann System saves time. In addition a comparison chart shows ways to optimize work holding in the manufacturing process. It shows the saving potential of a small investment using the Zero-Point Fixturing System 9000. The System 9000 offers faster machine cycles with high flexibility. Simultaneous job loading or workpiece loading can take place when machining. There isn’t any loss of accuracy when transferring jobs from one machine to another. The catalog includes drawings of component parts, technical specifications for single and multiple clamper use and installation drawings. Photos of installed systems and clamper bases are also shown.
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