Flammable/Explosives Processing Monitor Provides Constant “Static Safe” Confirmation


A new intrinsically safe and code compliant static-grounding system from Newson-Gale Inc., the Earth-Rite® TELLUS™ monitor, constantly monitors processing operations involving the handling, transporting or mixing of flammable or explosive products, whether powders or liquids. Operating in real time, the monitor confirms that a positive connection to ground exists and, most important, remains intact.
As long as the resistance of the connection to a designated ground exists and remains below 5 ohms a bright green LED display inside the hazardous area assures the operator that no dangerous static electricity build-up can occur. An optional interlock mode provides an extra margin of safety by sounding an audio alarm or initiating an automatic safe shut-down procedure should the ground connection be lost.
The TELLUS monitor system is based on a PSU/I.S. (intrinsically-safe) controller which is mounted in a safe area as much as 350 feet from the hazardous area and, within the hazardous area, the intrinsically safe ground-connection status-indicator with a universal clamp on retractable connection cables. Alternative connections, such as plugs and sockets, are also available. The system is powered by 110 or 240 VAC in the safe area.
A TELLUS system enables compliance with the best practice guidelines of NFPA 77 and CENELEC 50404 for controlling static electricity. All TELLUS monitoring systems are ATEX  Ex approved with FM approval pending.

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