Flange Alignment Tools


Enerpac’s latest ATM-Series flange alignment tools offer enhanced safety and efficiency, helping reduce set-up time and installation costs where rotational misalignments and twists in pipeline are common problems. Most importantly, they are an improvement over earlier, alternate methods that could damage bolt holes. The ATM-2, 4 and 9 Series were designed for use by a single operator, and without the need for an external power source, chains, slings or lifting gear. Perfect for most ANSI, API, BS and DIN flanges, their versatility allows effective use in any position. 

The ATM-2 and ATM-4 mechanical models are durable, yet lightweight, self-contained solutions for easy transport to remote locations. Their compact design is ideal for applications with limited access. The ATM-2 has a maximum lifting force of 10 kN, handles bolt holes as small as 16 mm, and weighs 1,6 kg. The ATM-4 can apply 40 kN of force, is designed for bolt holes as small as 24 mm, and weighs 8,6 kg.The ATM-9 features hydraulic alignment for tougher applications demanding up to 90 kN. With its larger capacity, it is suitable for bolt holes down to 31,5 mm diameter, and weighs 14,5 kg. A kit version includes an Enerpac P-142 two-speed hand pump, and a 1,8 m hydraulic hose.Suggested for use in oil and gas, mining, energy, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, process engineering, water and waste water industrial applications. 


  • designed for use by a single operator
  • reduce set-up time
  • maximum lifting force of 10 kN
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