Flat Fan Spray Nozzles


BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc. announces the new HydroPulse nozzle - pneumatically actuated, low flow flat fan spray nozzles The new HydroPulse from BETE provides a controlled intermittent liquid spray using only liquid pressure as the force for atomization in addition to a DRIP FREE performance. Food-grade materials of construction (303SS assembly) are ideal for food based applications as well as corrosive environments and harsh cleaning fluids. 

The simple and maintenance-friendly design allows for easy disassembly, inspection/cleaning, and reassembly with basic hand tools and can be rebuilt without uninstalling entire assembly. The HydroPulse is perfect for conveyor-based applications in the following industries: food processing, chemical processing, paper, glass, lubrication and coating, bottling, board manufacturing, automotive, and canning. The HydroPulse provides a uniform flat fan spray pattern with tapered edges for use in applications that need overlapping sprays. The flat fan spray pattern provides spray angles from 0° to 110° with flow rates of 0.003 to 24.7 gpm. 


  • pneumatically actuated
  • controlled intermittent liquid spray
  • spray angles from 0 to 110 deg
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