Flat motors with integrated electronics


maxon motor is launching a range of brushless DC motors with integrated electronics. The range features established drives EC 20 flat, EC 32 flat and EC 45 flat with built-in speed controllers. The standard motors available are the 2 and 5-wire versions, with an operating range of 2 – 50 watts. The drives are suitable for use where there is minimal installation space, when long service life and constant speed are required at the same time as simple control operations.

As well as cylindrical drives, maxon motor has been developing and distributing brushless flat motors for many years; these are known as external rotor motors where the rotating rotor shell encloses the fixed stator. Advantages of this design include its short overall length, high torque density and with its electronic current commutation, the motors have an extended service life.

The new EC 20 flat, EC 32 flat and EC 45 flat motors with integrated electronics also reduce the user’s need for control input to the absolute minimum. Current commutation is integrated in the motor through Hall sensors, a 1-quadrant speed controller and numerous protection functions. Motors are available as 2 and 5-wire versions. In the 2-wire version, speed acts proportionately to the applied operating voltage of 10 - 28 volts. In the simplest case, the drive is powered directly by the battery. The 5-wire version offers additional functionality and a wider operating range with set value input, enable and speed monitor. Current limitation, under and over-voltage switch-off plus temperature monitoring are implemented as standard in all models.

New models are also being added to the existing range of flat motors, such as the EC 20 flat, this is available immediately in a 5 watt version, with or without Hall sensors, as required. The EC 90 flat is now available with integrated electronics. The two-channel encoder with 2,048 pulses per revolution, makes this drive ideal for challenging positioning tasks. A protective cover shields the unit against contamination and suitable for use in extreme environments. maxon’s flexible modular system has also been expanded, so that all flat motors can now be combined with spur and planetary gearheads.

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