Flexible Drives


With our flexible drive technology program, we can provide standardized drive and power transmission units for all kinds of construction. We have established State-of-the-art automated manufacturing facilities for producing flexible shaft for varied applications. We have a capacity to manufacture flexible shafts ranging 2 to 40 mm dia & for endless lengths up to 8 mm dia. These shafts are capable of transmitting high speeds up to 50,000 rpm & torques above 7000Ncm. In Speedo segment our cables are part of all major 2 & 4 wheelers. 

Since flexible shafts lessen the need for exact alignment of motor and tool unit, simplification of the tool design is achieved. In the case of parallel misalignment of drive and tool unit the bending radius to be calculated. Attention must be paid to the environment in which the flexible shaft will be used. For example, extremely high or low temperatures, moisture, corrosive influences, dust, magnetic fields, vibrations etc. Such factors influence the choice of materials for core and casing and their fabrication. Our technical team will gladly offer their advice. The following clarifications of choice of core, casing end couplings should also be considered like longevity, flexibility, continuous or intermittent operation, fast tool holder change, shaft related to coupling or slide length and difference in length of core and casing.


  •  2 to 40 mm diam
  • capable of transmitting high speeds up to 50,000 rpm
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