Flexible Zone Control for Zero-Pressure Accumulation Conveyors


ZoneFlex, a patent-pending flexible zone control for Accuglide™ and IntelliQ® accumulation conveyors, optimizes product flow of varied package sizes and weights for high-density, zero-pressure accumulation and maximum throughput. The pre-mounted, easy-to-configure system features modules with built-in accumulation and release mode logic to improve material handling efficiency and allow for superior carton control, gentle product handling and increased carton throughput. 

Clip-in mounting, simple DIP switch configuration and LED diagnostics allow operators to quickly replace, modify and monitor zone controllers.  This allows for simple operation, easy maintenance and increased system flexibility. ZoneFlex control logic monitors and automatically responds to accumulation conditions allowing product to accumulate and release at high speeds increasing the available product downstream.


  • optimizes product flow
  • simple DIP switch configuration
  • LED diagnostics
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