FLIR P660 Infrared Camera


Optimum temperature measurement accuracy, outstanding spatial resolution, special image enhancement software, GPS, and a host of other productivity-boosting features make the FLIR P660 infrared camera a smart choice for IR surveys in utility and industrial applications.


• New 640 x 480 Infrared Detector

• Powerful Thermal Sensitivity: <45 mK

• Highest accuracy +/- 1% or +/- 1°C

• Dynamic Details Enhancement (DDE)

• Built-in Geographic Positioning System (GPS)

• Optional WLAN remote control and display

• New 3.2 Megapixel visible light camera

• Target illuminator for low-light areas


Great new feature!

IR images are tagged with GPS/Google Earth data!


New and Improved Detector
The P660 infrared camera includes a new 640 X 480 infrared detector that delivers four times greater detail than cameras with 320 x 240 IR resolution. The new detector also delivers optimum <45 mK thermal sensitivity to help you capture the finest image detail and temperature difference information.


With the P660's high-resolution capability, accurate readings can be taken at greater distances. This is especially useful in examining utility infrastructure and electrical and mechanical components, where safe distances need to be maintained. Readings can be taken with an accuracy of ±1°or ± 1% of reading at +41°F.


Dynamic Details Enhancement (DDE)
FLIR's exclusive DDE capability brings out the detail in IR images. DDE is advanced image processing technology developed by FLIR for military applications.


Record GPS info with images
Forget typing addresses or trying to recall where images were taken. The GPS technology in the P660 automatically records location information for you, so you can conduct IR surveys with speed and confidence. Electric, gas, cable, telecommunication, and water utilities can use this feature to help keep track of equipment and images. The GPS tagging feature also makes it easy to determine patterns to failures-so failures can be avoided.


Survey at Safe Distances
Many IR surveys are conducted in high voltage areas. For safety reasons, conductive cabling cannot be used to remotely control cameras.

The P660 infrared camera can be operated remotely at great distances using the optional handheld Wireless LAN-based remote control and display.


Viewfinder and LCD
The P660 features a large target-distance to spot-size ratio for accurate measurements and anlayses. This enables professionals to conduct quick, easy, and safe IR inspections.

The P660 includes a viewfinder and high resolution LCD for added flexibility in field operations. The tilt-able viewfinder is ideal for outdoor work, especially in bright sunlight and for viewing targets under all lighting conditions. The 5.6” wide screen LCD is a productive solution for indoor infrared inspections.


Integrate Visual Images
The P660 includes an integrated 3.2 megapixel camera to aid in reporting. Infrared and visible light images taken with the P660 can be stored in standard JPEG formats. In addition, the P660 stores full-radiometric video clips to further boost productivity of IR inspections.


Visual Target Illuminator
The P660 visible-light camera has a target illuminator or lamp for taking pictures in low light areas, such as electrical cabinets.


FLIR Reporter Software
Images are easily downloaded and managed using FLIR Reporter software. Images can be emailed, and viewed in Microsoft Windows programs without the need for any additional proprietary software. Reporter Pro software offers trending and image fusion for easy blending of infrared and digital photos.


Productive Auto Focus
Manual and Auto Focus capabilities allow operators greater flexibility when collecting images in a range of settings. Auto Focus is helpful for hard to focus situations and allows new users to be productive sooner.


Productivity Features
The laser locator on the P660 helps simplify on-site inspections and eliminate the tendency to “finger point” at problems in high voltage areas and hazardous environments. Voice Annotation allows up to a 30 second voice clip to be embedded with each P660 IR image.


The P660 includes an intelligent charging station capable of conditioning and charging two 3-hour batteries via AC outlet or optional 12V cable.


Factory Infrared Certification Training and Support
In addition to worldwide service and support, FLIR Systems offers Thermographer certification classes at its state-of-the art facilities near Boston, Massachusetts. The FLIR Systems Infrared Training Center (ITC) is the Global leader in IR Thermography Training.


• 30 mK sensitivity, accuracy - +/- 1% • Wide range of lenses - 8x digital zoom
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