FLOOR-Mark™ Symbols


Visual Workplace, Inc. introduces FLOOR-Mark™ Symbols.  FLOOR-Mark symbols provide an immediate visual aid to control traffic and increase workplace safety.  Available symbols include footprints, arrows, corners, T’s, X’s, arcs, circles, square and triangles.  They come in a wide variety of colors to suit specific application needs.  FLOOR-Mark is also available in rolls of solid and striped colors, as well as transparent rolls for added durability.

FLOOR-Mark is a better performing alternative to tape and paint for marking floors and other high traffic areas of the workplace.  Simple peel-and-stick backing enables quick and easy application, while delivering superior adhesion compared with traditional tape products that are prone to curling, stretching and snagging.  And, where paint can be messy to apply and even more cumbersome to remove, FLOOR-Mark applies cleanly and is easily removed as application needs evolve.

Free, no-obligation samples of FLOOR-Mark are available upon request.


  • control traffic and increase workplace safety
  • wide variety of colors
  • available in rolls of solid and striped colors
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