FlowHUB: the ‘complete flow monitoring solution’ for hydraulic and lubrication systems


Webtec Products Ltd, parent company of Webster Instruments, has launched a new hydraulic flow monitoring solution, called the FlowHUB, at the Hannover Fair 2009. Aimed at hydraulic system designers and maintenance engineers, the compact FlowHUB can replace up to six discreet hydraulic components saving both installation time and total component cost. Applications include condition monitoring, preventive maintenance, component testing, closed-loop control as well as other industrial applications. This innovative new product can measure, display, signal alarm conditions, and transmit flow readings to PLC or data acquisition systems as well as measure and display temperature in fluid power or lubrication circuits. The FlowHUB utilizes unique (Patent Pending) sensing technology ensuring excellent resolution and a novel, robust design minimizing energy loss due to pressure drop even in heavy-duty applications. The FlowHUB covers 5 flow ranges up to 100 gpm rated at up to 6000 psi. Custom and OEM versions can be engineered to meet the requirements of special applications.
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