FLT93 Series FlexSwitch


FCI’s FLT93 Series are the most popularly installed heavy duty thermal dispersion flow and level switches in the world. The reasons are simple; FLT93s were developed from more than 40 years of flow and level switch engineering and application experience to deliver the most reliable,repeatable, rugged and longest life industrial grade switch products found anywhere.
FLT93s are found in continuous operation in the most demanding and critical process and plant applications. You will find FLT93 the most preferred solution in oil and gas upstream and downstream applications; wastewater treatment; chemical operations; power plants, including nuclear power; food and beverage; refineries; mining; metals; manufacturing and more. Whether your application is for flow, level, flow + temperature or level + temperature, there is an FLT93 configuration to meet your needs.


Unparalleled performance capabilities:
  • Exclusive flow accuracy as precise as ±2% of the setpoint velocity overa ±50°F [±28°C] temperature range; repeatability of ±0.5% reading
  •  Level resolution of ±0.1 inch [±2.5 mm]; repeatability of ±0.05 inch [±1.3 mm]
  • Standard temperature accuracy ± 2.0 °F [± 1 °C]; repeatability ± 1.0 ̊F[± 0.6C]; improved temperature accuracy is available with factory calibration
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