Flue Gas Analyzers


A wide range of Flue Gas Analyzers are now available from Wahl Instruments, Inc.  Included in their Test & Calibration equipment catalog, two different lines of analyzers are available.  Flue Gas Combustion Analyzers are now available in two different lines; U Line models are designed for HVAC applications, for burners under 70k.  G Line models are offered to serve the industrial technician, designed for burners over 70k.  Models in compliance with EPA Protocols CTM-030 and CTM-034 are available. 

The most commonly used fuels are pre-loaded at the factory, with other fuels available with included GasConfig software for PC on most models.  By measuring the quantities and concentrations of gases present in exhaust, these combustion analysis tools allow the user to maintain the safest and most efficient conditions possible for their environment and equipment. 

Detect Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, and uncombusted hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas from your combustion process to ensure the safety of your employees and the efficiency of your equipment. Identify maintenance problems that develop over time, as boilers deteriorate and efficiency drops.  Magnetic rubber holster protects the unit from drops and allows convenient hands free operation.  Built-in impact printer produces records that don’t fade the way documents printed with thermal printers can. On board memory can hold 250 readings; expand memory capacity with optional flash.  


  • magnetic rubber holster
  • built-in impact printer
  • on board memory can hold 250 readings

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