Flush-Design Stainless Steel Swing Handle


DIRAK, a global supplier of latches, locks, handles and hinges, has further expanded its extensive swinghandle offering to include a new, flush design stainless steel swinghandle for applications where corrosion resistance is important. From the inside, the internal components of the swinghandle are protected by a stainless steel, screw-on cap.

From the outside, the locking cylinder is protected by a stainless steel dust cover to prevent dirt, moisture and other elements from damaging the locking mechanism. This stainless steel swinghandle can be used with 3-point latching systems for larger enclosure doors and meets IP65 standards for water and dust resistance.

The flush design of this stainless steel swinghandle and the tight gap between the handle and its housing offers protection from the threat of vandalism. Pry points have been minimized and the flushness of the swinghandle makes it difficult to use as a climbing aid.
In this design, the locking cylinder and handle are separate mechanisms, with the locking cylinder being installed in the housing of the latch. The swinghandle is secured by a force fit, hook-catch combination to relieve the strain on the cylinder’s locking cam.  The slam to close function of the swinghandle allows the handle to be pushed closed in the open position as well as when the key
is removed.   

Applications for this flush design stainless steel swinghandle are broad. It is ideal in any application where the swinghandle is exposed to outdoor elements or in corrosive environments such as in the wash-down food and medical equipment industries.

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