Flux Cored Electrode


Select-Arc, Inc. offers a new gas-shielded, flux cored electrode specially designed for welding carbon and certain low alloy steels where excellent mechanical properties are required in both the as-welded and stress-relieved conditions. Select 7000-SR is an all position electrode that delivers a smooth, stable arc with good drive. It has a low spatter emission and a fast freezing slag, which removes easily and cleanly. 

The deep penetrating characteristic of this electrode dramatically reduces lack of fusion. Select 7000-SR features the unique capability to maintain good toughness and low hardness after long term stress relief. This electrode is a superb choice for the welding of vessels, piping and other specialized applications demanding good low temperature toughness before and after stress relieving. Select 7000-SR is available in .045”, .052” and 1/16” diameters.


  • smooth, stable arc
  • low spatter emission
  • ast freezing slag
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