Foam-in-Bag Packaging System is the Complete Package


Sealed Air introduces the Instapak® Complete™ system, offering faster, more reliable production of Continuous Foam Tubes (CFTs) with minimal foam usage. The new high-performance foam-in-bag system is designed with today’s source reduction considerations and dimensional weight parcel shipping fees in mind, producing foam tubes with diameters as little as 1 inch, which can allow for material reduction and reduced cube package design. In addition to creating tubes in a wider variety of sizes, the system allows operators to easily and quickly create protective foam packaging with 24 pre-set combinations for creating CFTs and foam-filled bags. The Instapak® Complete™ system includes programmable perforation technology that applies a perf between tubes, so they can easily detach for a perfect fit. “The Instapak® Complete™ system is a cost effective foam-in-bag system capable of keeping up with today’s busy shipping environment,” said Paul Saunderson, product manager for Sealed Air’s Instapak® foam systems. “This system offers more consistency and higher performance than any other system of its kind.” To produce protective foam packages, the operator selects one of the 12 foam bag or 12 CFT preset combinations on the Instapak® Complete™ system interface. The system then produces foam cushions using Instapak® 900 series pumping technology with electronic metering and selfdiagnostic controls. The resulting CFTs can then be used for cushioning, blocking and bracing or they can be used in conjunction with foam-filled bags for a variety of hybrid pack designs that utilize both CFT and traditional foam cushions.

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