Folding Pipe Stand


RIDGID® announces the versatile new VF-99 Folding Pipe Stand, a functional, lightweight (24 lbs.) and high-capacity option for joining applications involving pipes up to 12” in diameter and 2500 lbs. in weight. The latest addition to the RIDGID pipe stand product line-up offers an efficient design, incorporating lightweight construction and folding rectangular profile legs (open: 27” in diameter; closed: 7” in diameter) to make it ideal for pipe-joining professionals on the go or with limited storage space. 

Like other pipe stands in the RIDGID line, the VF-99 also comes equipped with an ergonomic V-Handle, which is angled for comfortable hand position and allows users to adjust (from 28” to 58” high) and pick up the stand without detaching from the base. Additionally, a locking ring is included to hold the stand in place while working. “The VF-99 is an efficiently designed pipe stand constructed with optimal materials to still provide a high-capacity output,” said Larry Feskanich, Product Manager at RIDGID.  “Its size and portability make it a great option for service and maintenance contractors working on multiple jobsites and transporting equipment from site to site.”


  • lightweight construction
  • folding rectangular profile legs 

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