Food & Packaging Brochures


A new set of full-color brochures from Bosch Rexroth gives an overview ofthe company's automation technology for the food processing, beverage andpackaging industry, from product manufacturing to primary and secondarypackaging and end-of-line solutions.

The three separate brochures detail how Rexroth electric drives andcontrol, linear motion, hydraulics, pneumatics and assembly technologies canbe integrated throughout a processing and packaging line.Solutions for the Food and Packaging IndustriesThe Solutions for the Food and Packaging Industries brochure describes howRexroth integrated technologies-from individual components to completesystem solutions-can overcome engineering challenges in food and packagingautomation.

The brochure covers multiple technologies that can be integrated anywhere inthe manufacturing process, including:. 

  • Energy efficient components that reduce power consumption and quickly cutcosts.
  • Intelligent drives and innovative control functions that increase
    productivity by reducing product changeover times.
  • The Solutions for Confectionary and Dry Food brochure shows how Rexrothintegrated technologies help improve productivity in food processing,primary packaging, secondary packaging and final packing of confectionaryand dry food -including manufacturing and portioning machines; thermoformfilling and sealing machines; flow-wrapping equipment; pickers and robots;cartoning machines and case packers; and transport and palletizing machines.
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