For Broad Versatility and Flexibility, Cantilever Racks are the Cost-Effective Choice


Today’s premium cost of storage space mandates careful and critical choice of warehouse racking. Elements such as fastest and most direct loading, dimensions and weight of goods to be stored, and maximum utilization of space must all be taken into account. For many applications, cantilever racks are the most cost-effective solution. "For the wide variety of aluminum shapes, sizes, and lengths that we store, cantilever racks give us tremendous flexibility," says Todd Andreshak, maintenance manager for Linetec. The company is one of the nations largest metal finishers specializing in finishing aluminum extrusions. "It allows us to maintain our inventory at a much more efficient level."

The company maintains in-house inventory for their customers, all of it stored in cantilever racks manufactured by Steel King, Inc. As customers require finished product, it is pulled from the racking, finished, and then shipped either to the customer or a job site. At any given time, there are approximately 3-million pounds and 2,000 different parts stored in their facility, hence ease of storage and access is vital to their business operation. Due to the variety of customer inventory, the company must constantly adjust arm spacing and distance between racking, and Steel King cantilever racks have allowed this as well.

Cantilever storage racks can be implemented by any facility requiring similar versatility. They are used for storage of lumber, furniture, pipe and tubing, structural members, sheet steel, doors and windows, rolls of items such as carpeting, building materials and many more. With no front column in the way, the cantilever rack is faster to load and unload, lowering handling time and costs. The lack of a front column also saves horizontal space normally lost to rack structure, and handling clearance is also more abundant. Loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row, and any load or storage slot is immediately accessible. Nearly any type of load can be stored, and they are especially useful for storing long, bulky, or oddly shaped items. All of these features add up to savings in time and cost.

Due to their 30-plus years experience in the industry, Steel King has created their cantilever storage racks to be extremely durable. All arm connections are bolted, making for the strongest adjustable connections. Pre-punched connection holes make for easy arm installation, adjustment and leveling; the arm cannot slip out of position. The connection holes are also made on the sides of columns, not corners, which achieve a minimum loss of strength. And the base is welded to the column at the factory, making for a strong base connection and easy installation at less cost.

The racks are available for both light and standard (heavy) duty applications. The standard duty racks are meant for rugged operation, and contain features such as heavy arm connectors, arms adjustable vertically in 3” increments, and a choice of many arm sizes and types. Light duty racks are ideal for hand-loading applications, feature 55,000-psi high strength steel columns and arms adjustable in 2” increments, and are ideal for products such as conduit, pipe, bars and lumber.

“From a structural standpoint, we have found Steel King cantilever racks to be greatly superior to others we have tried,” says Andreshak.

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