Forklift Aisle Safety Systems


The AisleCop Safety Gate System helps make intersections, blind corners, entry doors, and busy aisles safer by aiding pedestrian and industrial vehicle traffic control. The system is activated by a simple push button. If forklifts are present, the gates stay locked; if the aisle is clear, warning lights and audible alarms activate before they are opened. AisleCop systems operate based on detection, but can also work manually. Systems with forklift aisle gates synchronize with pedestrian gates to enhance safety in busy traffic aisles. Limited-visibility intersections and high-traffic areas are ideal for AisleCop but any crossing/entry point can benefit from this safety-enhancing system.

Standard Configurations: 

  • Manual Systems: Slows and focuses pedestrians Remember stop, look and listen? A simple push button opens the gates. Manual systems help pedestrians pay attention at dangerous crossing points. 
  • Auto Gate Systems: Won’t open while sensors detect industrial traffic in the aisle Activated by push-button, automated systems search the designated area and open pedestrian gates if the aisle is clear. Gates close once pedestrians have crossed. Includes pedestrian gates, controllers, and sensors as specified. 
  • Forklift Gates: increased visibility and control To enhance protection, high-visibility forklift gates are installed in the forklift aisle to help alert drivers to an open crossing. Forklift gates synchronize with automated and manual pedestrian gates. 
  • Custom Controls & Sensors Multiple sensor types can be configured to your traffic rules, timing, or processes. They can be changed to meet your evolving needs. 
System Options: 
  • Wireless operation: Multiple-gate synchronization without costly wiring
  • Alternate interfaces: pressure mats, in ground loop, and more
  • Battery backup: Opens gates in case of power loss
  • Link to high-speed overhead doors: Synchronizes the system with high-speed overhead doors • Link to alarm systems: when a fire or other emergency alarm is activated, AisleCop® gates open to allow movement
  • Card reader integration: Reads magnetic strip identification cards for access/tracking control. Can also be integrated with RFID or standard keypads


  • if forklifts are present, the gates stay locked
  • activated by a simple push button

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