Four New Secure Industrial Ethernet Router Models


Maintaining a safe and secure industrial Ethernet network is critical for any industrial manufacturing environment. Weidmuller introduces four new secure industrial Ethernet router models designed to provide secure access to the Internet, and to separate Ethernet networks for increased data integrity and simplified configuration. These new routers include two industrial access routers and two mini routers. Weidmuller’s new industrial access routers connect industrial Ethernet networks safely and securely to the Internet via an integrated analog or ISDN modem that provides global application options. External modems (ISDN, GSM, DSL or analog) are simply connected to the RS232 interface. Access to networks behind the routers is then granted to authorized users only, making it possible to conceal connected networks or machines behind a single IP address. This design minimizes the time and effort required for network installation. The two mini routers are compact in design and are housed in plastic enclosures that mount onto TS-32/35 DIN-Rail. One of the units features two RJ45 ports and one RS232 interface and the second features one RJ45 port and two RS232 interfaces. The access router’s housings are made of aluminum and are designed to snap onto TS-35 DIN-Rail or be screwed down (hardware included). The integrated modem allows remote access to the routers via a phone connection for purposes of configuration, administration and process monitoring. Protection is provided through an integrated configurable firewall and, using a laptop or hand held device, programming and configuration can be performed via a web browser or via a terminal emulator program. All four of Weidmuller’s new Ethernet routers are equipped with redundant power supply inputs. The input voltage range can be 8-24 VAC and/or 10-36 VDC. It is possible to use one AC source and one DC source or two DC sources to power the units in redundant mode since both inputs are isolated. The two industrial access routers feature LED status indicators for analog modem active, Ethernet active, power active and power malfunction, while the mini router LED status indicators include power active, Ethernet active and modem active. Protocols include TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, PPP and VPN, and an asymmetric 128-bit key Blowfish algorithm is used for encryption. All routers feature a firewall that is configurable via the integrated web browser, and support standard functions including VPN, DynDNS, Dial on Demand, Call Back and Port Forwarding. The configuration software is integrated into the routers and no secondary software installation is needed. The port can be freely selected with automatic key exchange. All of Weidmuller’s routers are rated to IP20 protection, can be operated in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 60°C, and are CE and cULus 508 Listed.
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