Four Point Beam Handles Bulk Lifting


The HFPSL Four Point Sack Lifter Beam is designed to lift bulk container sacks with an X-style design that provides a natural fit over the top of the bulk container sack and allows for a straight-line connection to lifting slings. The beam also comes with a standard sling keeper to improve sling containment during the lift, a machined radius cut into the top inside edge of the bail, and smooth edge cross-beams to reduce wear on lifting straps. All HFPSL, Four Point Sack Lifter Beams are Proof-Tested to 125% capacity.


  • available in 1 and 2 Metric Ton capacities with outside spreads of 36 and 48 inches
  • ASME B30.20 & BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2
  • specified fatigue life of 100,001 to 500,000 load cycles
  • stainless steel and low headroom designs
  • proof-tested to 125% capacity
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