Fourth Generation 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet Series


3M announces the introduction of its new 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 welding helmet and auto-darkening filter series. The new helmet series replaces the Speedglas 9000 series to become the new product platform for the entire line of 3M’s premium personal protective welding equipment. The Speedglas 9100 design team worked to create the ideal helmet for the professional welder, offering optimized protection, comfort and performance. 3M says that the radical new design fundamentally changes not only how the user wears the helmet, but also how the welder experiences its fit, stability and balance. Beginning with the head suspension system, the helmet’s pivot point is located just above the welder’s ears. This optimizes its center of gravity, keeping the helmet closer to the user’s head in both the up and down positions. This new closeness makes the helmet feel lighter, more stable and balanced at all times. The front of the headband self-adjusts to match the welder’s head. Pressure is evenly distributed to sets of boogie/twin pads to fit the user’s forehead. The cradle design of the head suspension, combined with the headband’s self-adjusting boogie/twin pads, more closely profiles the true shape of the user’s head. As a result, welders do not need to tighten the headband as much as on conventional headbands to achieve a secure fit. Less pressure on the forehead means greatly increased comfort. The helmet has a smoother up-and-down pivot action that gently locks in the up position—a light touch on the helmet releases the lock. The new suspension design replaces the traditional, single, top-of-the-head strap. Instead two top straps are spaced so they better cradle the top of the head for a more secure, comfortable fit that also more evenly distributes its weight. The new head suspension system provides several adjustment combinations—back-and-forth, higher-and-lower, and tilt—so welders can “fit” the helmet to their exact personal preferences. A snap adjustment where the helmet attaches to the headband allows the welder to select one of four settings, moving the helmet either closer or further away from the user’s face. These back-and-forth adjustments allow for a variety of personal preferences—as well as differences in nose sizes, safety glasses sizes, or the use of 3M particulate respirators. The user can also adjust the tilt of the helmet to set a preferred viewing angle. The new Speedglas 9100 helmet is also wider and deeper, providing greater coverage of ears, neck and the sides of the head. The design includes an improved version of the exclusive Speedglas “breathability” feature, that helps reduce the build-up of heat, moisture and stale air. The optional, patented Speedglas side window lenses have been made bigger for increased vision. The side windows come with cover plates for those applications for which peripheral vision is not wanted . This feature is available at no additional cost. The Speedglas 9100 auto-darkening filters (ADF) feature extremely uniform shading and minimal distortion across the entire viewing area. There are seven dark shades settings: Shade 5 (for gas welding/cutting), Shade 8 (for micro-plasma and low-amp TIG welding) and Shades 9 through 13 for most arc welding processes. If needed, welders now also have the option to lock-in their shades, including the light state (Shade 3) for grinding. A patented comfort mode for tack welding helps reduce eye fatigue resulting from eyes being required to adjust constantly to differing light levels. The series includes three new ADF models that are differentiated by size: the Speedglas 9100 welding filter series V, X and XX have normal, large and extra-large viewing areas, respectively. The 9100XX model is 73x107 mm, making it 30% larger than any other Speedglas welding filter. An improved interface design for the inner and outer protection plates reduces fogging and dust infiltration.
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