MacDermid Autotype, Inc., announces the
availability of its Industrial Films Sample Book, which can be obtained at no cost by visiting the
MacDermid Autotype web site. The Sample Book contains sheets of the company’s most
popular hard-coated polyester films, including Autotex, Autoflex, Fototex, and Autostat, which
are used in a wide range of applications in automotive, electronics, appliance, and membrane
switch manufacturing.
According to Neil Bolding, MacDermid Autotype’s Business Support Manager, “We believe
product designers and specifiers will find the Sample Book very useful. It shows the films in a
variety of thicknesses and demonstrates how the products look and feel when printed in an
opaque white, black or matte finish. Having an actual sample is especially important for a
product like Autostat, which is used for the circuitry layers in membrane touch switches,
keyboards and keypads. It gives a designer a true feel for the product.”
To receive the Industrial Films Sample Book, visit and enter “Item #26099” in the “additional information” text box at the bottom of the form.
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