Free Oil Skimming Test Kit


Oil Skimmers, Inc. offers a free Oil Skimming Test Kit to companies who believe that they have a waste oil removal issue. This kit will demonstrate how efficiently the oil skimmers can work for any company looking to remove and recycle waste oil from sumps, tanks, separators, ponds, basins, or any other area that has a waste oil problem. The oil skimming test is easy! Simply dip the provided tube sample into the liquid that has an oil build-up and then remove. The test is positive if the tube is covered in oil when removed – a positive test means that Oil Skimmers, Inc. can solve the waste oil problem.

The oil skimming systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. remove oil using a specially formulated collector tube that floats on the surface of water, coolant, or other liquids. Oil adheres to the outside of the closed-loop tube, which is drawn up into the skimmer, through scrapers  that remove the oil, and the clean tube is then returned to the surface of the liquid. All of the recovered oil flows into a collection container.

The collector tube has the ability to float over and around any debris that may be present in the liquid, and also automatically adjusts to changing liquid levels. This floating tube-based system successfully removes oil in a wide range of applications, including food processing, biodiesel, metal machining, mining, and steel industries.


  • test is easy
  • demonstrates how efficiently the oil skimmers can work
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