Free Standing Footrests


The Role of the Footrest in Today’s Workplace

Technological advances have altered the nature of many job functions as well as the character of work environments. These changes have led to a greater emphasis on the need for ergonomic workstations. A well-designed footrest is especially important for seated workers whose feet do not comfortably reach the floor. It benefits these employees by promoting more comfortable working conditions, reducing fatigue and enhancing performance and productivity. IAC designs and manufactures a full range of footrests that specifically address the needs of both seated and standing workers. There are several physical strains on a seated worker whose feet do not reach the floor. Lack of support for the feet puts excessive pressure on the back of the thighs. This can lead the worker to slide forward, resulting in low-back pain from incorrect use of the backrest. Proper foot support also ensures even distribution of body weight by minimizing pressure on the backs of the legs and knees.

IAC footrests afford a seated worker improved circulation in the legs and ankles by supporting the legs. They also readily adjust for comfortable posture of the feet and ankles. This makes workers more comfortable, which is likely to increase productivity. Footrests are also recommended for standing workers who remain stationary. Standing in one place requires static effort to keep the knees, feet and hips immobile for prolonged periods. This causes discomfort from muscle fatigue as well as from insufficient blood flow.
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