Freedom Swivel Hose Coupler


Gripnail's new Freedom Swivel™ air tool hose coupler gives air tool users greater freedom of movement to improve productivity and reduce factors that lead to operator fatigue. In addition, the product’s rugged ball bearing construction and dynamic seal provide years of reliable service. This unique swivel coupler minimizes the need to continually de-tangle and reposition the air hoses used with most pneumatic tools. Instead, the user is free to approach his work from the best possible angle to get the job done with ease.
Dave Ashton, President of Gripnail said, “I encourage anyone who uses pneumatic hand tools to take a minute to watch our video. One look and you will see how much this simple device will improve your daily operations. "
  The Freedom Swivel's unique hemispheric range of motion allows pneumatic hand tools to be used at any angle with greater comfort and less wrist, elbow, shoulder and back fatigue. The coupler makes it easy to bend tools into tight places and the air hose no longer fights with the user to position the tool.   There is a Freedom Swivel coupler to fit most pneumatic tools.


  • greater freedom of movement
  • allows pneumatic hand tools to be used at any angle
  • rugged ball bearing construction
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