FS self-lubricating bearing


PI Bearing Technologies expands product line with new lead-free material.  
FS bearings are optimized for a wide variety of applications and assemblies involving friction free movement in linkages, pivots, rotating and oscillating assemblies.
The FS self-lubricating bearing is a steel-backed, sintered bronze-lined bearing coated with a proprietary anti-friction polymer. As a result, FS bearings do not require the need for lubrication. The FS bearing is also a lead-free material making it compliant to various industry directives such as RoHS and ELV regulations.  Industries for which the FS bearing is intended, include automotive, fluid power, material handling, medical equipment, machine design, agricultural, construction and others requiring a low friction bearing.
The FS bearing is available as a straight sleeve bearing in standard ID sizes ranging from 2 mm to 180 mm.  FS flanged bearings range is standard ID sizes from 5mm to 65 mm.  Also available are standard thrust washer sizes.  FS bearings are also available in inch sizes.


• Material - Resin: PTFE & Co-Polymer • Max. PV - 206 MPa m/min 2100 kgf/cm² x m/min 98000 psi x fpm • Temperature Range - -200 ∼ 280 ºC -328 ∼ 536 ºF • Friction Coefficient - 0.04 - 0.18 • Static Load - 147 MPa 1499 kgf/cm² 21320 psi
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