Full Duplex Headsets


The Eartec Company has introduced ComSTAR,  a series of full duplex wireless headsets designed specifically for production teams that need instantaneous, “hands free” voice communications. These revolutionary intercoms are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting. The system allows up to eight users to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone within an 800 yard range enhancing jobsite productivity and safety. 

ComSTAR wireless headsets feature miniaturized wireless circuitry and antennas built right inside the ear cup. This streamlined “All in One” design is a breakthrough because it eliminates the need for cables, and belt packs that are required with traditional headset communication systems.

ComSTAR is totally portable and powered by rechargeable battery or AC power. The system is dual channel and includes a conference switch so that two separate groups can either talk privately or combine their signals. ComSTAR operates within the UTAM certified 1920 – 1930 Mhz band specially allocated by FCC for voice communications. No FCC license required.


  • “hands free” voice communications
  • not voice activated
  • totally portable

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