Fusion Series of plastic welders


Kamweld Technologies, Inc. has introduced its new Fusion Series of plastic welders that combine high performance, ease-of-use and safety when assembling thermoplastic materials. The new FW-5 Series of Fusion Welders includes four models that offer such features as rapid heating of inline air and pre-set temperature limits that prevent overheating without air flow. Two models include built-in air compressors for convenient use on off-site applications.
The Kamweld FW-5A Fusion Welder has a digital temperature controller that displays and maintains the temperature of the hot air flow from the welding element within 2°F throughout the entire operating process. The FW-5B model features a manual air temperature controller for use where a digital temperature readout is not required. Both the FW-5A and FW-5B models are equipped with air regulators that automatically disable the operation of the welder, and prevent heater element burnout, should there be inadequate air flow from external sources such as shop air or inert gas canisters.
                   The new Kamweld FW-5C and FW-5D Fusion Series Welders have their own internal air compressors. The self-contained, portable units are lightweight (about 10 pounds) and include separate power and heat switches that prevent the welders from heating up without the air compressors running. Built-in air filters ensure clean air flow for maximum weld strength and longer compressor working life. The FW-5C welder features a digital temperature controller for precise, consistent temperatures, while the 5D model has a manual air temperature controller.
All Kamweld FW-5 series fusion welders have a temperature range of ambient to 950°F, allowing fabricators to successfully weld a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. The FUSION Series Welders are designed with circuit breaker functionality to protect both the unit and user from excess current surges. Each welder is stainless steel and measures 11.5 inches from handle to barrel tip. The standard controller box is 7.75 x 5.75 x 6.25 inches (L x W x H). Each unit is shipped with a 16 foot air hose and operates from 2-6 PSI of air pressure.
Kamweld’s Fusion Series Plastic Welders, because of their highly accurate temperature controls, are ideal sources of heat for automated processes. Applications are numerous and include the manufacturing of air handling, printed circuit board, semiconductor, chemical and waste treatment processing equipment, as well as liquid storage tanks.
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