FZ Vision Sensor Uses True Color Sensing to Deliver Stable, High-Speed Inspections with Simplified Setup and Operation


Omron’s new FZ color vision sensor makes it possible to automate inspection of low contrast color objects at high speed with reliable results by using true color technology and intelligent cameras. Omron’s “Advanced Real Color Sensing (ARCS)” engine captures and processes 16.77 million colors, approaching human color perception, and out-performs systems that use monochrome or false-color contrast conversion and analysis methods. It is the industry’s only system with up to four-camera capability and true color conversion. The FZ controller comes built into a touch screen LCD monitor to reduce panel space, or in a conventional box-type unit. Images and tool sets are presented onscreen for easy drag-and-drop setup. The on-line editing functions allow changes to be made without stopping the line, to minimize unnecessary rejections in production. Embedded simulation software allows trial measurements to be performed on a computer using prepared images. Settings, startup, and adjustments can be verified in advance without requiring the controller. Intelligent cameras with built-in lighting offer zoom capabilities with auto-focus and auto-iris to shorten production line changeover. The controller allows remote moni-toring and control of focus, aperture, field of view, and lighting of cameras. The color accuracy, stability and speed of Omron’s FZ color vision sensor make it ideal for multi-color label inspections in high-speed food and beverage and pharmaceutical packaging, and electronic parts assembly and semiconductor manufacturing. A single-camera FZ color vision camera with box-style controller starts at $6,800.00 list; a single-camera with LCD monitor/controller starts at $7,400.00 list. No separate soft-ware or lengthy training is required to operate the FZ color vision system proficiently.
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