G306A Operator Interface Panel Features Advanced TFT Display for Crisp Images, Excellent Readability


Red Lion Controls, Inc. introduces the model G306A, the latest addition to its popular line of G3 operator interface panels. The G306A features a state-of-the-art TFT active matrix display to provide greater contrast, brightness, and overall readability, making the G306A easier to view in challenging applications. The 5.7" 256 color QVGA 320x240 pixel LCD display also offers three front-panel LED indicators, and a five-button keypad for on-screen menus. In addition, as with all G3 panels, the G306A arrives standard with an Ethernet port, USB programming port, support for up to five high-speed serial ports, integrated protocol converter, built-in web server, standard CompactFlash socket and IT-ready data logging.

The G306A is both robust and simple to operate. Users can easily enter data on the G306A through the resistive analog touchscreen or front panel keypad. Plus, this model comes with an increased onboard flash memory of 8 MB, and it can be configured using Red Lion’s free Crimson Programming Software. With these exceptional features, the G306A is ideal for collecting and displaying data or interfacing with a variety of devices, including PLCs, PCs, drives, PID controllers and others, all while offering exceptional visual properties.

“The G306A (operator interface panel) is the TFT variant of the existing G306C model, which was already the most powerful industrial touchscreen on the market,” said Jesse Benefiel, product manager, Red Lion HMI products. “Now with an active matrix display, the G306A offers customers a wide viewing angle and bright colors in addition to the standard array of data-management features that are standard on all G3 HMIs.”

The Red Lion G3 series offers the most powerful communications platform available today, providing a cost-effective solution for protocol conversion, remote system control and monitoring, as well as historical data logging. By utilizing innovative technology to display sharp, high-quality images and easy-to-read data, the G306A delivers a superior HMI solution.


• POWER REQUIREMENTS: • Must use NEC Class 2 or Limited Power Source (LPS) rated power supply. • Power connection via removable three position terminal block. • Supply Voltage: +24 VDC ±20% • Typical Power1: 8 W • Maximum Power2: 10 W • Notes: • Typical power with +24 VDC, RS232/485 communications, Ethernet • communications, CompactFlash card installed, and display at full brightness. • Maximum power indicates the most power that can be drawn from the • G306A. Refer to “Power Supply Requirements” under “Installing and • Powering the G306A.” • The G306A’s circuit common is not connected to the enclosure of the • unit. See “Connecting to Earth Ground” in the section “Installing and • Powering the G306A.” • Read “Power Supply Requirements” in the section “Installing and • Powering the G306A” for additional power supply information. • BATTERY: Lithium coin cell. Typical lifetime of 10 years. • . 5-KEY KEYPAD: for on-screen menus. • TOUCHSCREEN: Resistive analog • MEMORY: • On Board User Memory: 8 Mbyte of non-volatile Flash memory. • Memory Card: CompactFlash Type II slot for Type I and Type II • CompactFlash cards. • COMMUNICATIONS: • USB Port: Adheres to USB specification 1.1. Device only using Type B • connection. • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C • Storage Temperature Range: -20 to 70°C • Operating and Storage Humidity: 80% maximum relative humidity (non- • condensing) from 0 to 50°C. • Vibration according to IEC 68-2-6: Operational 5 to 8 Hz, 0.8" (p-p), 8 to • 500 Hz, in X, Y, Z direction, duration: 1 hour, 3 g. • Shock according to IEC 68-2-27: Operational 40 g, 9 msec in 3 directions. • CERTIFICATIONS AND COMPLIANCES: • SAFETY • UL Listed, File #E245515, UL61010-1, ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007, CAN/CSA • 22.2 No. 61010.1, CSA 22.2 No. 213-M1987 and File #E179259, • UL61010-1, CAN/CSA 22.2 No.61010-1 • LISTED by Und. Lab. Inc. to U.S. and Canadian safety standards • Type 4X Indoor Enclosure rating (Face only), UL50 • IECEE CB Scheme Test Report #E179259-A1-CB-3 • Issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. • IEC 61010-1, EN 61010-1: Safety requirements for electrical equipment • for measurement, control, and laboratory use, Part 1. • IP66 Enclosure rating (Face only), IEC 529
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