G520 Manual Waterborne & Automatic Solvent Paint Gun Washer


Herkules Equipment Corporation introduces The G520 Dual Tank Waterborne & Solvent Paint Gun Washer to clean both waterborne and solvent based paint equipment safely and quickly.   The G520’s left side includes manual hands-free cleaning tools for washing waterborne paint equipment easily, while the right side automatically cleans solvent based paint equipment in an enclosed tank safely.   

Valuable time can be saved by placing a waterborne spray gun directly up to the G520’s nozzle for a powerful water stream to clean the waterborne paint out of the paint channel, followed by a hands-free quick-rinse.   The nozzles are operated by convenient foot controls.  The waterborne spray gun can be cleaned in less than a minute.

The coagulant accelerator and filter system provide a safe and easy disposal method of all waterborne paint waste.  The dual filter system thoroughly catches all waterborne paint, leaving clean water to re-use. The paint can dry and be disposed of properly.  The filters are durable enough to endure 20 to 30 processes.

The enclosed automatic tank will clean 2 guns and 2 cups in one minute, and can be used to automatically clean exclusively either waterborne paint or solvent based paint equipment.

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