Gas-shielded, Flux Cored, Carbon Steel Electrode


Fort Loramie, OH – Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced Select 711, a gas-shielded, flux cored, carbon steel electrode designed to weld steels requiring a minimum of 70,000 psi tensile strength.

Select 711 is an all position electrode that combines good arc drive with superb bead shape. The arc transfer is very positive, smooth and stable, with low spatter emission. Operation of Select 737 is facilitated by the fast freezing slag, which assures good out-of-position weldability. In particular, Select 711 produces excellent horizontal fillets when compared to most E71T-1 products.

Available in four diameter sizes (.035”, .045”, .052” and 1/16”), Select 711 is ideally suited for the general purpose, flux cored welding of steels because of the electrode’s positive arc transfer and outstanding bead shape. This wire’s typical applications include structural steel, farm machinery, construction equipment and general carbon steel fabrication.


• Diameters: .045", .052", 1/16" • Shielding Gas: 100% Co2, 75% Ar/25% Co2, 35-50 Cfh • Welding Positions: All Positions
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