Gas-shielded Metal-cored Wire


Based on the highly successful introduction of its Tri-Mark® Metalloy® Vantage™, Hobart Brothers is now offering Metalloy Vantage D2 (AWS E90C-D2) gas-shielded metal-cored wire for high strength, low alloy steels. Metalloy Vantage D2 helps improve productivity and reduce end-users’ welding costs by providing higher deposition rates and faster travel speeds than equivalent ER80S-D2 solid wires for greater overall throughput. “We’ve developed Metalloy Vantage D2 to improve welding performance on high strength, low alloy steels,” says Steve Barhorst, product manager, Hobart Brothers. “Metalloy Vantage D2 is an excellent choice for end-users who manufacture heavy equipment or structural parts and components.” Because Metalloy Vantage D2 produces weld toe lines with minimal silicon deposits and spatter, the wire reduces the need for parts preparation and minimizes post-weld cleanup and its associated costs. When used with higher content Argon shielding gas blends (90% Ar/10% CO2), Metalloy Vantage D2 provides excellent wet-in to help eliminate rework due to lack of fusion or other weld discontinuities. Metalloy Vantage D2 can be used for single- or multiple-pass welding and is available in .045 and .052 inch wire diameters.
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