Gas Springs & Hydraulic Dampers


Enertrols gas springs remove the need for muscle power and provide controlled motion for lids, hoods, machine guards, panels and more. Available models include: push type, pull type (traction) and lockable.

Hydraulic dampers from Enertrols are durable and feature single or double-acting designs. Selected applications include: machine guards, drilling and tapping equipment, pick and place operations and more.

Product Specs:
Gas spring body diameters: 15-40mm
Gas spring stroke lengths: up to 500 mm
Hydraulic dampers body diameters: 15-40 mm
Hydraulic damper stroke lengths: up to 800 mm

Product Features:
Maintenance free and self-contained
Variety of end fittings and mounting brackets available for ease of installation


• Mounting position: can be mounted in any position • Adjustment: pull the piston rod out to its fully extended position.While pulling on the rod, turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise until the desired damping is achieved. The adjustment is multi-turn and correct damping may require several trial and error adjustments. • Attention: dampers have free travel accounting for approximately 20% of stroke • Mechanical stop: required 1 to 1.5 mm before end of stroke • Temperature range: -22˚ to +176˚F (-30˚ to +80˚C), with special seals up to 248˚F (120˚C) • Fluid: hydraulic oil Minimum force: 7 lbs (30 N) • Maximum force: 2,248 lbs (10,000 N) • Material: Ceram-Pro coated steel piston rod for corrosion protection, body: powder coated steel • End fittings: zinc plated steel or aluminum • Options: units with other damping characteristics, other stroke lengths, special seal materials, alternative end fittings and protective rod sleeves • Mounting bracket: A and E end fittings adapt to mountaing bracket ME14.
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