Gates LifeGuard™


Gates LifeGuard™ sleeving system is specifically designed to protect machine operators from the hazards of catastrophic hydraulic hose failure due to line-of-sight hose bursts and pinhole leaks.

The Lifeguard sleeve has an inner layer of tightly woven nylon that elongates to absorb the energy of a burst or pinhole leak.

The outer nylon layer restrains the fluid and redirects it safely to the clamped ends. Fluids then exit the system via specially designed "channel" clamps at each end.

A noticeable pool of leaking fluid serves as positive verification that a failure has occurred so corrective action can be taken immediately.

The sleeving provides containment of 6,000-psi bursts and 3,000-psi pinhole leaks at 212°F for up to five minutes.

Gates LifeGuard sleeving correlates to a variety of industry standards including ISO 3457 and MSHA's Accident Prevention Program.

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