GatorJaw Line Grows with Addition of Double Extrusion


Facilities and plant engineers have a new tool to expand their capabilities and versatility on the factory floor – the GJX-350 Double Extrusion from GatorJaw. This aluminum extrusion and one-piece fastening system saves time and money on the factory floor.

GJX-350 is based on a double profile of the original GatorJaw extrusion, affording it added strength and versatility. As with the original GatorJaw, GJX-350 features continuously grooved channels on each side of the railing and the patented square thread design that allows for attachments at virtually any point. The square-thread design eliminates those troublesome nut inserts required for fastening pieces in conventional T-slot frame systems. A simple twist of the matching square-thread fastener and attachment locks down tight. There is no drilling, tapping or welding. With GatorJaw, you go nutless!

Also like the original GatorJaw, the new GTX-350 extrusion incorporates unique channel inserts designed to accept panels up to a quarter inch in thickness (aluminum, rigid plastics, fiberboard, etc.) and the channel design automatically centers and seats panels of lesser thicknesses to ensure a snug fit.

The GJX-350 Double Extrusion greatly enhances the capabilities of GatorJaw. The expanded design allows for six threaded grooves and twelve channel inserts. Engineers have an endless array of design and assembly possibilities.

“End users really like the square thread grooves and the ability to make any attachments anywhere,” a GatorJaw user recently observed. “There is no other extrusion out there like it.”

GTX-350 is designed for larger machinery enclosures and structures supporting heavier vertical and horizontal loads with less deflection. The interior space of the extrusion is finished smooth. It can accommodate a square steel insert for reinforcement, used as a wire chase, or sealed with gasket material and transformed into an airtight manifold.

Both the original GatorJaw and GatorJaw and GTX-350 can be purchased in bulk quantities along with hardware, based on the need of the project. All you need is a chop saw and your imagination to start building with GatorJaw. The new extrusion will also soon also be available in GatorJaw Professional Builders Kits.

Find out more about this exciting new development in structural extrusions. Call GatorJaw at 800-960-1679, or visit the GatorJaw website at And remember, with GatorJaw, you go nutless!

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