General-Capability Position Transducers


General-Capability Position Transducers Give Long-Range, Compact Package, and Flexible Mounting for OEMs.

New Series M displacement sensors have same-day shipping for cost-sensitive applications.

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA USA -- SpaceAge Control is now shipping the Series M general-capability position transducer that gives long displacement range, multiple mounting options, and size efficiency for OEM and high-volume applications. Available in volume and individual prices with same-day shipping, the Series M product line was developed using SpaceAge Control's extensive experience in delivering performance- and safety-critical position transducers for the aircraft, space, and automotive markets.

"The Series M position transducer gives the lowest cost per unit length of any draw wire sensor on the market today," said Ryan Beebe, Operations associate at SpaceAge Control. "The Series M line gives users choices for electrical outputs, mounting orientation, and displacement range -- with same-day shipping."

The new Series M line has a host of features that give unparalleled value. With a maximum range of 85 inches (2159 mm), the Series M line has nearly double the capabilities of competing OEM-type sensors. A reduced displacement cable fleet angle increases repeatability and reduces cable overlap. Three options give users flexibility in mounting the Series M transducers. Over 50 are available for electrical connectors and signal conditioning. The Series M products allow mounting of SpaceAge Control's patent-pending RoundAbout™ cable exit for 360° x 360° displacement cable orientation. This cable exit offers control over how and where the displacement cable moves relative to the application.

"The Series M products bring together some of the best elements of SpaceAge Control's design capabilities," said Beebe. "We allow for user-replaceable displacement cable via a labyrinth-type cable exit that also serves to restrict debris from getting into the drum area. And, with the RoundAbout™ cable exit, a winner of Design News' Best Product of the Year, the Series M products can dynamically follow motion in a 3D environment, eliminating the need for transducer relocation or pulleys." Key Series M features include:
  • choice of analog (voltage divider or rheostat) or digital (quadrature) sensors
  • optimum fleet angle for more repeatable displacement cable wrap
  • low-inertia drum for improved frequency response
  • fixed or adjustable mounting features
  • free-release-tolerant displacement cable termination
  • compatible with self-tapping or washer/nut screws
  • RoundAbout™ cable exit capable (optional)
  • long-life spring (100,000 full-stroke cycles minimum)
  • 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, ±5 VDC, and ±10 VDC signal conditioning (optional)

Typical prices for basic configurations are $96.00 for quantities of 40 and $160.00 for single units. For volume and individual orders, same day shipping is available.

Established in 1968, SpaceAge Control is an ISO9001:2000/AS9100-compliant company leading the position transducer and air data products industries with stock and engineered-to-order products. Located in Palmdale, California USA, SpaceAge Control's high-precision and durable products are used by over 900 companies spanning the globe including aircraft manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, medical device designers, and motion control-oriented OEMs.

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