General Purpose Electropneumatic Transducers - IP211 and EP211


Factory-calibrated for direct-acting operation, these transducers are field reversible. If used in reverse-acting mode, they require recalibration after the polarity of the signal leads is reversed. The series incorporates general purpose, FM intrinsically safe and CSA intrinsically safe models, all of which mount at any angle. (Non-vertical mounting requires recalibration of the zero adjustment.) Small and lightweight, IP211/EP211 models can be pipe, panel or bracket mounted. Price starts at $285.


• Low Cost • Built-in Volume Booster • Small Size • Field Reversible • Low Air Consumption • Mounts at Any Angle • Convenient External Span and Zero Adjustment (Except for Explosion Proof Models) • Wide Supply Pressure Range • Low Supply Pressure Sensitivity • Loop Powered
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