GENMON12, Monitor Cranking Batteries


The GENMON12 is designed to monitor cranking batteries to determine if the battery is capable of performing during a cranking cycle. *BCI Specifications for Cranking Batteries recommend that 12VDC batteries should be operated within 7.2VDC and 13.8VDC. Higher than 13.8VDC, the battery is considered being overcharged and below 7.2VDC, the battery can be considered in deep discharge. If you are following the **EGSA Performance Standard 100B for Engine Cranking Batteries, the GENMON12 can be used to be sure that the battery is capable of maintaining 1.50V per cell during the rolling current draw. A single event of continued overcharge, or deep discharge can have an adverse effect on the charge-holding capacity of the starting battery. The unit incorporates a real-time LED display that continually indicates the voltage level of the battery at all times. This display will identify batteries that are not fully charging and/or overcharging. During a cranking cycle, the unit monitors the battery voltage and if the battery falls below the cranking rate set-point as preset by the factory, the unit will automatically illuminate and latch the FAILURE LED. The unit also incorporates a dry contact for an alarm output for remote alarm notification. The latched unit alarm can be cleared by utilizing the RESET button.
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