GORE™ GFO® packing fiber from the Sealant Technology Group of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is a high-performance composite material designed and engineered specifically for use as a compression packing for sealing shafts on high-speed pumps, mixers, agitators, and any other equipment with rotating or reciprocating shafts. With a 25+ year history of trouble-free performance, GORE™ GFO® packing fiber delivers an unmatched level of assurance and confidence to users. Because of its long and successful track record of proven superior performance, GORE™ GFO® fiber packing sports the slogan Pack it and Forget it.™ Because of its durability and long life, GORE™ GFO® fiber packing is consistently high performing. It doesn’t get hard or brittle, thus minimizing shaft wear. Additionally, its excellent lubricity and high thermal conductivity keep it cool-running, even after extended periods of continuous use. As an additional practical benefit, users can standardize on 100% GFO® packing, thereby reducing inventory requirements and eliminating the potential costly confusion of where best to install multiple types of packing. Gore has certified a select group of packing braiders to provide the highest quality GORE™ GFO® packing fiber to the market. Now, you can be sure you’re getting genuine 100% GFO® packing fiber by looking for the name printed right on the packing – the only packing in the industry that is identified this way. Look for our Seal of Assurance on all packaging and “100% GFO®” on the packing itself. Or, visit for details on where to purchase GFO® packing fiber from Gore-certified braiders. W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is a creative technology company employing more than 6,000 associates in 48 plants, in 16 countries throughout the world. For over 30 years Gore’s Sealant Technologies Group has developed innovative PTFE gaskets, seals and other fluid-sealing products for both standard and unique sealing and pumping applications.
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