GiGE Vision and GenICam Compatible Infrared Camera


FLIR Systems, Inc., the global leader in infrared cameras, announced today its new ThermoVision A320G infrared camera for Machine Vision applications. The A320G is the only infrared camera designed to be compatible with GigE Vision and support the GenICam protocol for easy integration with digital cameras and third-party software as part of Machine Vision monitoring. “FLIR Systems is proud to offer the first infrared camera to bring plug-and-play integration and real-time processing to industries that rely on Machine Vision for production and equipment monitoring,” said Jason Styron, Business Development Manager, FLIR Systems. “Until now Machine Vision systems have relied on visual cameras to see problems on a production line. FLIR’s A320G allows for easy integration of an infrared camera with the machine vision system architecture to detect thermal irregularities, assess problems and potential equipment failure in real-time.” Rugged, compact and lightweight, the A320G is an affordable way to add accurate thermographic imaging and non-contact temperature measurements to machine vision systems. With its universal plug and play (uPnP) and GigE Vision Control protocols the A320G allows for easy system integration. The A320G is GigE Vision compatible. GigE Vision is a camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communications protocol allowing for fast image transfer using low cost standard cables over long distances. Hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections. The GenICam protocol provides a generic programming interface for various types of cameras regardless of interface technology and is compatible with third-party software including IMAQ Vision and Common Vision Blox. Other features of the A320G include image flow control that allows an external signal to control the image streaming, digital I/O for triggering and synchronization with external equipment, infrared monitor software to run up to 9 cameras simultaneously, a built-in 25 degree lens with both motorized and auto focus, and high sensitivity (<70mK) for sharp images and excellent image quality (320x240 pixels).


Object temperature range - -20ºc to + 120º-4ºf to + 248º f) o 0ºc to 350ºc (32ºº f to + 662º f) • Camara Size - 170 x 70x70 mm() 6.7 x 2.8 x2.8in)
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